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              Shenzhen LLT connector co., LTD, specializing in the production of precision waterproof connector, aviation plug, quick plug connector, push-pull self-locking connector, the sensor connector, wire and cable, etc. Professional create the first brand industries, the enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality system, products through the CCC, UL, TUV, CQC, CUL, SAA, CE, ROSH certification, all products are strictly IP68 waterproof rank test, get the water cube for the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai world expo pavilion, China's high-speed rail, cnooc underwater detection, chengdu metro, new energy vehicles such as national engineering stress test...


              Alex Yang  0086-13925285903

              E-mail: szllt@connectorllt.com

              Peter Pan  0086-13602580987

              E-mail: sales01@connectorllt.com

              Olina Ouyang  0086-13612969421

              E-mail: sales02@connectorllt.com

              Dora Zhang  0086-13509618587

              E-mail: sales03@connectorllt.com

              Company Contact Information:

              Address: No.1-38, Jiahu Road, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

              Postal Code: 518111

              Tel: 86-755-84501636


              Address: shenzhen pinghu flat new north road no. 83 road park

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